​Reasons for soaring steel prices in The European market in April 2022

When the Mariupol war came to an end, the defenders relied on the steel plant to make the last resistance. The two sides fought fiercely, and the largest steel plant in Ukraine became the main battlefield in the final battle. Mariupol used to be Ukraine's biggest port for steel and grain exports, but it can't get out of here, and the international price of grain has gone up, and the international price of steel has gone up.

Russia's steel export is the world's third largest, now exports are restricted, many steel owners have their property confiscated, Ukraine's steel export is the world's eighth largest, the main export port mariupol. Now both have been affected, and international markets have risen in response.

According to the World Steel Association, European automotive steel rose from 400 euros per ton in 2019 to 1,250 euros, rebar steel to 1,140 euros per ton, up 150% from 2019, and hot-rolled coil to 1,400 euros per ton, up 250% from pre-EPIDEMIC levels.

The growth of coal and natural gas prices affected by the crisis increased the cost of steel production, now coupled with the reduction of steel in the international market, this year many steel enterprises can make high profits, Europeans are now facing the overall price increase, this year is not to build a little less house ah?